Jewelry For Men – A Profitable Idea

Men\’s jewelry has long been a small, but profitable sector of the overall jewelry industry. For centuries, those on the masculine side of the gender divide have chosen quality tie tacks, watches and rings from the collections of a few excellent designers. But in recent years the men\’s jewelry landscape has changed considerably. nnDavid Beckham, the world-famous football (soccer) player who is now a resident of Los Angeles, has contributed significantly to the popularity of men\’s jewelry in the past couple of years. Beckham, a native of the U.K., changed the men\’s jewelry map by wearing two diamond earrings. Because of his status as a celebrity, other men saw that wearing jewelry, including earrings, was not only OK, but also a strong statement of individuality. This small act was just the first indication that this world-class athlete also possessed a certain boldness on the social scene which could be seen in his poses. nnBeckham created a scene of sorts at his pre-World Cup party. Beckham put an beautiful diamond-encrusted watch on the block at his charity auction, attracting attention with the display of this dazzling item. Jacob Arabo, a talented jewelry designer who is gaining status among world jewelry enthusiasts, created the watch. Arabo\’s fascinating mens\’ jewelry has attracted a strong following among clients who recognize that the young designer\’s work moves beyond classic design. Arabo has helped change attitudes toward men\’s jewelry. (Fellow world-class soccer professional Ashley Cole assisted Beckham with this \”coming out party\” for men\’s jewelry by wearing only jewelry under his dinner jacket – no shirt!)nnThanks to a handful of creative and daring designers, jewelry is taking another step across that imaginary line between women\’s and men\’s fashion accessories. Urban dwellers who want to stay with current trends are adding jewelry to their wardrobe, choosing from a wide range of newly created pieces. Some believe that the growing choices in mens\’ jewelry will spawn an associated industry in jewel boxes and storage items that will rival the long-standing field of women\’s jewelry items. A quick look at the designer collections of bracelets, chains, pendants, earrings and more will convince most people that the mens\’ jewelry field is on the verge of an explosion.nnThe days of men wearing a nice watch and perhaps a well-designed ring are quickly turning into days of additional gold neck chains, one or more earrings, and other excellent jewelry accessories for men only. As one observer of the fashion scene poses stated, mens\’ jewelry is breaking out of the handful of studios it occupied in the past. The trend, my friends, is toward mens\’ fashion – in gold and diamonds.nnFor those men who want to join the movement, there are now plenty of opportunities. Platinum is being widely used in mens\’ jewelry. Rings with multiple diamonds are growing in popularity, as are earrings and other small items that discreetly announce the man\’s membership in this growing group. Jewelry designers and jewelry suppliers are taking notice, helping to fan the flames of the mens\’ jewelry trend. Some experts in the field believe this is no temporary spike in activity, but is actually a long-term movement toward an entirely new style.